Flu Therapy. Jet lag. Hangover.

These are just a handful of the I.V. treatments our center's licensed doctors and nurses administer safely in the privacy of our clinic.

An acute illness, long flight, overindulgent evening, or sheer exhaustion don't have to rob you of valuable time and the ability to be your best. You can also take advantage of the cleansing, beautifying and restorative benefits of our rehydrating wellness I.V.s., rich in vitamins, electrolytes and antioxidants.

We provide only high quality brand and generic pharmaceuticals acquired from the most reputable U.S sources, and our registered nurses and physician supervisors follow the rigorous safety protocols in administering the infusions in a relaxing environment, and always under our physicians supervision.

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Deliver Antioxidants · Boost Your Immune System · Combat Fatigue & Dehydration · Eliminate Free-Radicals · Fight Stress at the Cellular Level 

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