Covid-19 Testing Center at Elite Medical

Elite Medical Center has started our first Covid-19 test swab on March 9th at the Sunnyvale location and we continue to test hundreds of patients.

In addition to operating a Covid-19 Testing Center, Elite Medical is now also offering COVID-19 antibody testing to determine previous COVID-19 exposure. The new test detects antibodies that indicate the patient has been exposed to COVID-19. It is a standard blood test that must be performed after the telemedicine consultation with one of our Board-certified physicians. Following the visit, we will either schedule your visit to collect nasal swab or direct you to one of our lab partners to collect the swab. Results may take 2 to 4 days to come back and will help identify those who have already been infected and may have immunity.

Coronavirus testing services, including the sample collection, which is done via nasal and/or oral swabs, and the processing of your specimen by our laboratory partner, will be billed to your insurance. In most instances, the patient will not receive a bill for those services as most national payors have made public commitments to cover the cost.

Our Covid-19 supervising testing doctor and Medical Director, Dr. Inna Yaskin has been participating in diagnostics research and published COVID-19 a research study in collaboration with our lab partners.

Schedule your Covid-19 virtual consultation and test online.

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